Wednesday, May 6, 2009

{busy is an understatement}

Although I am not a fan of being a SAHM, I have come to learn that you miss out on a lot when your a working mom. I was taking pictures everyday and blogging, scrapping, etc when I didn't have a job. Now I have a temporary position and I haven't taken a picture in over a month.
I was able to get some really fun shots of "the princess" however they were taken by dad!!!
Hopefully I will find some balance during the month of May - no promises though.
Okay I am going to try to at least start on a page tonight... and by start I mean at least pick out the photos and paper and maybe find my 3 embellishments... wish me scrap luck.

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Jemma said...

good luck :) would love to see your LO i cant imagine how you do it, full time job, full time mom, full time wife, full time everything, try to get some time for youself x