Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{29 + ?}

I can't say that this day was any different than the rest.....
I was surprised to receive a cupcake at work today. Of course I took a picture since I knew I wouldn't have a cake and of course I didn't get around to uploading it. So, as you guessed I have no pictures to share.
I would like to say (on a positive note) that traffic today was not too bad... my drive home was only 30 minutes; compared to 1 hour and 10 minutes yesterday!!! That little bit of difference made for a pretty good day.
So even though the plan was to get back into scrapping today, I have decided to just relax and enjoy today and just in feet first tomorrow. I have already found some great sketches that I want to use and I plan on getting some pictures printed off tomorrow. Hopefully I can get enough to last through the weekend. I don't really have anything planned so I have plenty of time to get some scrapping done.
Okay well, my special day is coming to a close so I'm off to the land of dreams... until next time.


Anonymous said...

(+4) I hope that you do something this weekend to commemorate your 30+ year. Eating somewhere for free is always a good start, Because free food is the best food. Enjoy your birthday weekend I hope that you make a lot of memories from it.

Jemma said...

i hope you had an awesome day im so so sorry i forgot! lots of love xx