Sunday, March 22, 2009

{movie weekend}

Somehow I have figured out a way to watch three movies this weekend with hopefully one more tonight. All of the movies were pretty good and one of course had me crying for no reason at all.
I watched; Mirrors (horror), What happens in Vegas (comedy), Made of Honor (girly comedy) and I hope to finish the weekend off with Saw IV (horror - which I have already seen, but I love horror movies). You know sometimes I think I love movies too much but then I come to my senses and think - No Way! Oh and I almost forgot I watched Brown Sugar again.
As for scrapping - I got nothing done. I didn't even take a picture of the few pages that I have been able to complete because I can't seem to find one AA battery in this entire house. Maybe I will have better luck tomorrow because I know there is at least one pack somewhere in the house.
I was able to get my coupon binder all organized and ready for use again. I tried this whole coupon thing before and failed miserably. I just can't wrap my head around stockpiling things. However I am going to try to commit to at least use the coupons to save some money at the grocery store. I mean now a day we all want to save money right?
Okay, well while I am waiting on my movie to download from On Demand (greatest invention ever). I plan on organizing my old scrap sketches and idea pages. If nothing else when tomorrow morning comes I will 95% more organized then I was on Friday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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melodie said...

You've mentioned that you were having a hard time looking for an AA batt. I think rather then using those one time use AA batt, you should by rechargeable battery instead. At least all you need to do is charge and you dun have to go looking around for unused batteries.